ABH Natures has over two decades of experience manufacturing high quality private label vitamins for our discerning customers. We have manufactured vitamins for major retailers around the world, and we’re trusted for our quality, price, and customer service.

What sets ABH Natures apart from other private label vitamin manufacturers? At ABH Natures, our vitamin manufacturing is all done in-house in our first-rate facility, meaning we can offer you a high-quality yet affordable product. We don’t send your vitamins to middlemen who cut corners on quality and drive up the price: we’re here every step of the way to ensure the highest quality product at the best price for you and your customers.

ABH Natures can manufacture multi-vitamins, multi-vitamin packs, single ingredient vitamins, and purpose built vitamins.

Private Label Vitamin Manufacturing Services at ABH Natures

Fun Fact: ABH Natures Has Capabilities To Make Any Kind Of Nutraceutical Vitamin.


Superior Customer Service:

  • Because our vitamin manufacturing process is done in-house, we can offer a low-cost bulk pricing option to our customers, saving you up to 40% over the competition.
  • We have a quick turnaround time to ensure your product hits the shelves as soon as possible.
  • You’ll have a dedicated account manager who helps manage the production of your vitamin exactly to your specifications.
  • We have a specialized graphic design team that helps you brand your packaging to stand out from the competition while complying with all FDA label requirements.

High Quality and Safety Standards:

  • ABH Natures uses the most advanced nutraceutical manufacturing machinery in the industry.
  • ABH Natures manufactures our high-quality vitamin in a certified facility.
  • Our team has FDA labeling expertise and guidance to give you peace-of-mind.
  • A dedicated quality control department that closely monitors the entire vitamin manufacturing process.
  • All of our vitamin supplements are manufactured at pharmaceutical-grade quality.

ABH Natures | Vitamin Manufacturing


At ABH Natures, your vitamins are meticulously crafted and painstakingly inspected. We begin our private label vitamin manufacturing process with our state-of-the-art FDA-approved manufacturing facility. Our industrial HVAC system ensures that quality control is at its highest, and our facility is equipped to comply with all mandated raw material testing, label analysis, and quality assurance standards.

Having our entire vitamin manufacturing process take place in-house not only means that we can keep costs down by eliminating the middleman, but that we can ensure quality control every step of the way. From formula selection to packaging design to the moment when your bottles are sealed and ready for shipment, our dedicated team members are ensuring that your product is in line with our quality and safety standards.

Custom Bottle Labels | Private Label Vitamin Packaging


ABH Natures offers a multitude of vitamin packaging options. Our dedicated team of specialized graphic designers can help you brand your packaging to stick out against the competition. Once you choose your packaging option, our team works to ensure that your package design will be attractive, professional, and stand out on the store shelves, as well as comply with all required FDA label regulations.