Yes. Taste Does Matter

We have years of experience in Supplement Flavoring for customers. Consumers experience products with their senses. In the nutrition & supplement industry flavor is a big part of designing a formula. In the past, most supplements tasted chalky and were undesirable. Today there is a larger selection of flavoring options to improve flavor. Most consumers will quit an unsavory product before realizing it was a huge health benefit.

At ABH Natures we believe product flavoring is an opportunity to achieve brand dominance. We believe a deep-rooted experience occurs the second a consumer tastes a product. This first impression directly affects repeat purchases and word-of-mouth referrals. This is why we have a dedicated team of flavor professionals to aid you in your unique supplement formula.


Supplement Flavoring

We’ll perform innovative work for your company’s benefit. Initially, we’ll dissect the raw ingredients in your recipe and build up a flavor profile. We’ll then distinguish comparable items in the commercial center, survey their fixings, and taste test them.

Our flavor specialists assess how well your competitors have mixed their flavor, and relying on the potential for development; they will suggest either “matching flavor” or “making another flavor” for your supplement. For example, if your rival’s Pre-Workout item scored an impeccable 10, we’ll recommend against exceeding their flavor.

You’re In Charge!

After settling on a specific flavor, our specialists will cunningly choose enhancers and balancers from a far reaching list of plant concentrates, fundamental oils, common plant juices and fragrant mixes. Enhancing and sweeteners can be common, artificial, or a mix of the two. These determinations depend on your item objectives and how they fit in the commercial center.

Our specialists will taste test a model from the lab and change the equation until they are fulfilled by the flavor. Taste testing happens amid the assembling Q&A to minimize delays.