Capsule Supplements Made The Right Way For Your Brand

At ABH Natures, our capsule manufacturing is all done in-house in our first-rate facility, meaning we can offer you a high-quality yet affordable product. We don’t send your capsules to middlemen who cut corners on quality and drive up the price: we’re here every step of the way to ensure the highest quality product at the best price for you and your customers.

Our capsule manufacturing service is highly customizable: you can choose the size, color, and encapsulation ingredients for your unique product.

TRUSTED AND EXPERIENCED: ABH Natures has been manufacturing nutraceutical capsules for over two decades. We’re trusted by many long-term customers who care about giving their consumers the highest quality capsules at the best possible price.

Capsule Manufacturing Service at ABH Natures

Fun Fact: ABH Natures Inc. has been manufacturing nutraceutical capsules for over 20 years.

Superior Customer Service:

  • Because our capsule manufacturing process is done in-house, we can offer a low-cost bulk pricing option to our customers, saving you up to 40% over the competition.
  • We have a quick turnaround time to ensure your product hits the shelves as soon as possible.
  • You’ll have a dedicated account manager who helps manage the production of your capsules exactly to your specifications.
  • We have a specialized graphic design team that helps you brand your packaging to stand out from the competition while complying with all FDA label requirements.

High Quality and Safety Standards:

  • ABH Natures uses the most advanced nutraceutical manufacturing machinery in the industry.
  • ABH Natures manufactures our high-quality capsules in a certified facility.
  • Our team has FDA labeling expertise and guidance to give you peace-of-mind.
  • A dedicated quality control department that closely monitors the entire capsule manufacturing process.
  • All of our capsule supplements are manufactured at pharmaceutical-grade quality.
  • Capsule moisture issues can be a problem with inferior manufacturing techniques, but our first-rate facility, process, and team help us avoid these issues.


A look into the process we take to ensure the highest quality capsules at the best possible price. As you’ll see, capsule manufacturing is a meticulous process – it shouldn’t be trusted to just anyone. ABH Natures is dedicated to a safe manufacturing process to produce our customers’ capsules.


Your account manager works with you to find the best formula, size, material, appearance, and imprinting for your capsule. Once all of the decisions are finalized, we begin the manufacturing process
Bottling & Packaging - Capsule Manufacturing at ABH Natures
ABH Natures - Encapsulation Process of Capsule Manufacturing


ABH Natures Capsule manufacturing begins with the highest-quality raw materials. Capsule formulas can include many ingredients, and we ensure that everything going into your capsule is checked and confirmed by our Quality Control department. When we receive a new shipment from our pre-qualified ingredient vendors, it’s quarantined to avoid potential cross-contamination, then thoroughly checked by Quality Control.


Once all of the ingredients in your formula have been approved by Quality Control, we send your ingredients to our Pharmacy Compound department. Each of your ingredients is properly weighted to ensure that the claims on your label are met.
ABH Natures - Nutraceutical Capsule Supplement Product Warehouse
Custom Dietary Capsule Manufacturing at ABH Natures


Depending on factors like capsule size, batch size, and powder density, we send your blended ingredients to to one of our two state-of-the-art encapsulation machines. We have a semi-automatic encapsulation machine and a high capacity, fully automated encapsulation machine in our facility.

Shipping Department - Capsule Manufacturing at ABH Natures


Our team checks your product throughout the entire process for consistency, proper weight, and any imperfections. Every single capsule order of any size goes through a manual inspection process to give your products a final once-over before packaging them.

Checkout Package & Label Design for Capsule Manufacturing


Once your capsules have been filled and inspected, we send them to our bottling & packaging assembly lines. Our top-of-the-line bottle rotator ensures efficiency in the bottling process, which is important when you have a big order of capsules that you’re waiting on!
We then fill the bottles with a desiccant pack and cotton to avoid moisture issues, and the lids are screwed on tight. Once the bottles are fully sealed, we apply the labels.

Your sealed bottles go to their final inspection site where our team inspects them for label and lid application. They then undergo a heat induction sealer process and are finished with your choice of neck band. Finally, they’re imprinted with the expiration date (if applicable), the manufactured-on date, and a batch number.

Your bottles are then put into boxes and shipped to you!

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*This spreadsheet shows our most popular capsule manufacturing options. Please call if there’s a particular option that interests you.*