People are more health-conscious than ever before, and this is reflected in the booming vitamin and supplement industry. Phil started his company, Brain Essentials, from a one-room apartment just after college, and moved to a 2,500 square foot warehouse just two years later. He’s made great strides, but is now looking to break through to the next level.

He’s asked for feedback from his customer base and researched current market trends. The consistent message he’s received from customers is a desire for more high-quality supplement choices. He’s also ready to raise more awareness about his product line and brand ethos.

Taking this feedback into consideration, Phil has made some key strategic and marketing moves for Brain Essentials, and it’s paid off exponentially. Perhaps your supplement business can benefit from this experience? Consider the following 12 ideas to help breathe new live into your vitamin and supplements business:

1. Become a More Valuable Resource

Increasing numbers of people are buying their vitamins online. However, before they make their decisions about products and brands, they are doing their homework. How well does your current website explain your product line and how each supplement can enhance well being? Resolve in 2017 to make your online presence a valuable educational resource for clients so that they keep returning – and ultimately buy more supplements from you.

2. Master Social Media

Is your social media game all that it could be? Most everyone is on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, so you’ll want to create a compelling presence on all the top platforms. Ensure that your branding and logo are consistent with your website and marketing material across all platforms. Post shareable, click-worthy content that sets your brand apart from the rest. Connect it with your growing database of articles and blog posts on your website so that news and interest about your brand can go viral.

3. Banner Ads and Pay Per Click

Online advertising is crucial to success in the current supplement market space. Without traffic at your website and online store, you won’t make the big sales numbers you’re looking for. As you wait for numbers from social media to increase, consider buying banner ads and pay-per-click advertising from sites your target audience frequents and using your most relevant keywords.

4. Affiliate Programs

It has worked for Amazon and countless other companies. Why not pay others to spread the word about you? An affiliate program pays other website owners and bloggers a percentage for any sale that comes through their site. Affiliate programs motivate other bloggers to write about you and profile your products so that more vitamin users can learn about your offerings.

5. Your First Impression

Assess the home page of your website. Do you love what you see, or is it looking a bit dated? Perhaps it’s time for a refresh? Remember that you only have one chance to make a first impression. This extends to your social media pages and marketing material as well. Does your logo and approach to marketing have that “wow” factor? If not, 2017 is the time to make a positive change and set yourself apart.

6. Video Media

If it’s in the budget, consider having a professionally produced infomercial made to air on television. If that’s not quite in the budget, a television commercial can get your product and company in front of more sets of eyes. At the very least, you should have a YouTube channel and/or video advertising campaign. Our culture is very visual, and video advertising can be just what’s needed to catapult your brand to the next level. If possible, get a local celebrity or talented athlete to appear in the ads and endorse your products.

7. Stay True to Yourself

Why did you get into the supplement business in the first place? It was likely a passion for health and a desire to share that passion with others. Perhaps vitamins or supplements have helped you to overcome an illness, become a better athlete or substantially raise your quality of life? Don’t be afraid to tell your story, or at the very least, ensure that it shines through in the spirit of your brand. Your story and connection to a healthy lifestyle will inspire others to seek the same, and they’ll feel a more personal connection to your business and brand.

8. Magazine and Radio Advertising

Ads in health, beauty and fitness magazines as well as radio spots are a time-tested way to raise awareness about a supplement brand, and they can still be an effective component of a multi-pronged approach.

9. Grassroots Advertising

While the hope is that more of your target audience will come across magazine or radio advertising while they are sitting in waiting rooms, you can also use a more grassroots approach. Make your own brochures and flyers and ask to leave them in the waiting rooms and reception areas for gyms, salons, spas, and other clinics that attract a high volume of your target audience.

10. Classes, Camps and Trade Shows

Become active in the health and wellness community by hosting or sponsoring relevant classes and health camps. You can also raise awareness about your company and products by participating as a vendor in trade shows.

11. Stay Flexible

The supplements market is changing rapidly, and there seems to be a new trend every few months or so. Supplement company owners should stay aware of these trends and prepare to adapt to the changing marketplace in order to better serve their customers.

12. Reassess Your Partnerships

One of the most important things Phil of Brain Essentials did was to change his supplement manufacturer. His past supplier had missed some deadlines, and his customers had become more discerning about the ingredients and additives included in their supplements.

Partnering with a company like ABH Natures can take your line of vitamin and supplement products to new levels. You can expand your product line and offer a more impressive array of high-quality capsules, softgels, tablets, liquids and powders. Doing so can substantially increase your customer base and brand loyalty.

Vitamin and supplement businesses face stiff competition in a crowded marketplace. However, Phil never lost sight of the reason he started Brain Essentials.

While Phil may be a fictional character in a story, the ideas discussed here have provided marketing gold to many vitamin and supplement businesses. Give these 12 approaches a try for your company in 2017, and make it your most profitable year yet!